Mint tudjuk a tervek mindenkinél folyamatosan változnak, az oldalt ennek megfelelően igyekszem frissíteni ha úgy alakul… :)

belfpala _blank
  • World of Warcraft – Blood Elf Paladin
  • Tavaszi Mondocon 2015 (szombat)

„The Blood Knights are an elite group of blood elf paladins serving as Silvermoon’s equivalent of the Knights of the Silver Hand, rivaling even a Templar in skill and power.”

ff14-miqote-female-initial-gear _blank
  • Final Fantasy XIV  – Mi’qote
  • Induló szett, arcanist class
  • Tavaszi Mondocon 2015 (vasárnap)

„The Miqo’te (Mikotte) are a cat-like race from Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV.  Since their arrival, the Miqo’te have diverged into two physically distinguishable groups — the diurnal Seekers of the Sun and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon.”

faun_concept _blank
  • Original – Faun
  • Elfia 2015 (Hollandia)
  • Nyári Mondocon 2015

„The faun is a half human–half goat (from the head to the waist being human, but with the addition of goat horns) manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places. They were also capable of guiding humans in need.”

  • League of Legends – Ahri
  • Rendezvény: ??? (2015 Őszi MondoCon?)

„Mercy is a human luxury… and responsibility.”

Unlike other foxes that roamed the woods of southern Ionia, Ahri had always felt a strange connection to the magical world around her; a connection that was somehow incomplete. Deep inside, she felt the skin she had been born into was an ill fit for her and dreamt of one day becoming human.

gw2_elementalist _blank
  • Guild Wars 2 – Elementalist
  • Rendezvény: ??? (2015 Őszi MondoCon?)

Elementalists are multi-faceted spellcasters that channel elemental forces, making fire, air, earth, and water do their bidding. What they lack in physical toughness, they make up in versatility and the ability to inflict massive damage in a single attack.